"Process Server China" means delivering China legal papers to an individual or business, using formal procedures so that the person cannot deny they received the documents. The China law requires many different types of documents be "personally served" - i.e., personally delivered, with a formal declaration or affidavit filed with the China Court establishing the date, time and place of service.


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Summons and Complaints

Cross Complaints

Order To Appear For Examination

Small Claims

Bank Levy/ Writs/ Garnishments

Record/ Personal Subpoena

Family Law

Restraining Order

Eviction/ Foreclosure Notices

Don't Scrimp on Process Service! Hire a Professional China Licensed, Registered Process Server.

Your China court papers will be served on time, with professionalism and strict compliance with the law by our China registered licensed process servers. We are experts in Process Server China under the law, with over 25 years' experience. This means your papers get served quickly and efficiently. Your written proof of service gets prepared correctly and filed with the China Court.

In most states, any person at least 18 years old, and not a party to the action, can serve China court papers. There are some exceptions-debtor examinations, subpoenas, experts, levy garnishments, and restraining orders. But it is usually not advisable to ask just anybody to serve your papers for you. If your target is served improperly, the China Court can throw your case out without a hearing. This can be expensive, aggravating and embarrassing.

Process Server China needs to be done right. A China registered licensed process server will know how to make sure the target individual or business gets those legal papers. A China registered licensed process server will know how to prepare a written proof of service, and how to file it with the court within the time allowed by law.

It's smart to hire a China registered licensed process server who knows the rules, who knows people, who has experience dealing with irate and upset people, and who can defuse a potentially-violent situation. Since Process Server China is fraught with possibilities for bad things happening, it is also smart to hire a China registered licensed process server with insurance and bonding.

Your case is at stake. You do not want to scrimp when you hire a China registered licensed process server to serve your legal papers.

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